Als u vragen over uw specifieke situatie heeft of u denkt dat implantaten een oplossing voor u zijn, belt u gerust voor een intake afspraak

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Zorg op maat

Iedere patiënt is anders. We luisteren goed naar de klachten en wensen van een patiënt en zo nodig stellen we samen een individueel behandelplan op.

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Voor spoedgevallen buiten praktijkuren ('s avonds en in het weekend) neemt u contact op met de Tandarts Spoedgevallendienst, telefoonnummer 070 - 311 03 05. Zij informeren u over de tandarts die op dat moment dienst heeft.

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Welcome at Dental clinic Baglietto & Schornagel in Rijswijk

The practice is located near to the charming historical center of Rijswijk, in a quiet area.

Free parking is available in front of the door.
The clinic offers a wide range of standard dental treatments as wel as some highly specialistic disciplines.

Here follows a list of both issues:

Standard dental treatments:

  • Preventive treatments such as fluor applications, sealings of nieuw teeth and instructions of oral hygiene
  • Esthetic restorations to treat dental decay or fracture using composite resins
  • Crowns and bridges of metal-porcelain or full porcelain
  • Parodontal treatment to treat gingivitis ( reversible inflamation of the gum) or periodontitis ( partially irreverible inflamation of gum and bony support)
  • Bleaching to remove unesthetical discolorations of teeth due to age and habits

Specialistic treatments:

  • Dental implantology: Dr. Baglietto is specialized in dental implantology.
    Dental implants are titanium screws used to replace missing roots of lost teeth.
    After a period of bone integration implants are used as base for fixed or removable prothetics which enable the patient to chew properly and provide an outstanding esthetic result.
  • Orthodontics: another specialty within our practice is child and adult orthodontics.
    Using fixed (braces) or removable appliances we can straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile and at the same time provide a balanced and healthy occlusion (bite).
  • Cosmetic face surgery: dr.Baglietto is since 2015 specialized in the use of the Plexr, an italian machine able to perform different types of face surgery. We are the first and only practice in The Netherlands which can offer you this revolutionary not invasive kind of treatment.
    The Plexr is in the first place used for the blepharoplasty but can also be used for other interesting esthetic indications.
    If you are interested ask at the desk for more information.
    You can also have a look at

For any questions about your teeth or the clinic do not exitate to contact us.

Huisstijl: M.L. Houdijk / Website: Goedemiddag!